Bài mới trên BÁO TỔ QUỐC

A Poetic Letter to Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II President of USA

Dear Sir, I am not a dreamer to send this letter to you, The President of USA

the Top Representative

of  Uncle Sam,

The old man with high nose

Always wears the stars & strips hat .

I am a Vietnamese Poet

Who only want to have a chat with you !

I always ask myself some question like this :

A lot of human lives of this misery-world

will be eliminated for the other’s survivals !

Is that the destiny of the Humanity ?

Have we, the humanity on this poor globe

already been putting our steps

into the third World War ?

and been being bathing under the ammunition-fires ?

And will we dance together

in the atomic fire-ball next time ?



Let’s look back

the common sad part

of our histories!

When Mr.Graham Martin

The last Ambassador of USA

in the Vietnam War

struck the colors

and stepped up to the helicopter

at 4:58 AM on Apr-30-1975

flew to the USS Blue Ridge war-ship

Six hours and thirty two minutes more

VC will put up their Liberation-Flag

On the top of the Independence Palace,

the last fortress of the South Vietnam Government.

If the Ambassador didn’t do like that

Surely He would be caught

by the VC Armed Force !

In this terrible case !

The Texas Cowboy,

The International Policeman

will suddenly become

a cleaned out gambler !

How can he save his face

before this large talkative world ? !

Very clearly, American had a time

to run away from Vietnam,

a poor Indochinese country

which is very far, far away

from your nation

It was not your fault

But that was from your predecessor’s

in the cold war !

That time

Capitalism hoped to set up its own bar

To cut Vietnam into 2 parts

at the 17 parallel of latitude.

Geneva agreement 1954

a sorrowful and rude

separation for all of us !

North and South Vietnam,

Both are the crazy inferior students

of  the 2 big global groups :

Capitalism and Communism !

We entered a lot of fighting campaigns

your bombs were over our heads

And the rifles of both sides

were in our hands.

We stupidly shot each other

as the western game was planned

I hope to remind you

Your predecessors had brought

into this poor country

1,900,000 riffles

14,900 mortars

47,000 grenade launchers

1,532 canons

1.200 airplanes

600 helicopters

( Excluding the airplanes sent from Thailand

And the airplanes which belonged to USA )

2,074 Armor Tanks

56,000 Army trucks

You have atomic bombs ,

You have Napalm, CBU bombs,

You have TOW rockets

You also have B.52 flying fortresses

You have a lot of Claymore land mines,

Barbed wire fences, infrared telescopes

Electronic fences, magnetic bombs

You had spent USD 925 Billion

That was the Budget for 10 years Fighting


How many Vietnamese houses were burned ?

How many people,

Young guys, old men , women, children

were killed on this poor land ?

I will give you the impartial statistical numbers :

Yes , on this land

The American was truly very strong !!!

7,882,547 metric tons of  bombs

were dropped on Indochina

including 3,770.000  metric tons for South Vietnam;

937,000 metric tons for the North

The remains were for Laos and Kampuchea.

45,260  metric tons of  toxic chemical

Around   338,000 metric tons of  Napalm,

were all dropped  down on this land

for the sake of breaking our peasant’s iron-will

to build Freedom and keep Independence

for Vietnam , my mother land .
After bumping our heads

By chance of history

Uncle Ho and Uncle Sam

We shot each other

From wet grey swamps of the Mekong Delta

To the dry red earth of the highland

And so on to the blue sky.

We played our common funny crazy war-game

as the cowboys in the western films !

But here is not the Grand Canyon

here is Truong Son Range !.

Here is not Washington DC or New York

here is Hanoi and Saigon !.

Here is not “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”,

Here is the “Tet Offensive” !

Surely here is not Florida or Kentucky,

here is Khe Sanh or Cu Chi !

Here is not Wall Street,

But Ho Chi Minh Trail !

We, both sides crazily bumped our heads

And had a sad time

to dance with the grim Reaper

Yes, truly we had a very bloody busy time

for embracing together

into death.

When the American came to Vietnam

Some of the politicians told us

That Uncle Sam

has continuously been playing

the role of an international policeman !

With the stick and carrot in his hand

With the ambitious peace-plan

He was the utopian dreamer

hoping to keep (or to control ? )

security for the whole world !

But after the date his army came to Vietnam,

North Vietnam had 1,100.000 martyrs

600,000 wounded soldiers ;

300,000 M.I.A;

South Vietnam

316,000 died in battles or missing

1,170,000 wounded soldiers

Both North and South

nearly 2,000,000  citizens were killed

2,000,000 were handicapped

2.000.000 were poisoned by Agent Orange

Around 50,000 children were deformities

And we couldn’t count

how many people were imprisoned or caught !



How can we exchange those deaths and heavy losses

for USA pilots in Hanoi Hilton

and 58,325 USA soldier’s deaths

on the Memorial Washington-Wall ?

and over 305,000  wounded soldiers

Including in 153,303

seriously wounded or handicapped,

2,251 airlplanes dropped down to the battlefields!

How can we exchange !?

How can we bargain

in such terrible suffering pain !?


Let’s look back to the common part of our history

When Ngo Dinh Diem was supported by the American,

became a Christian Dictator on this land

but also only a Puppet President

with strings pulled by John F.Kennedy

He himself  had time to say :

“With regard to security,

the frontiers of the United States

do not stop at the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts,

but extend, in South East Asia, to the Ben Hai river,

which partitions Viet-Nam at the 17th parallel,

and forms the threatened border

of the Free World

When Diem , a Christian Dictator organized and ruled

this nation with Nepotism,

Did you know this real situation ?

A lot of farmers, a lot of patriots of this nation

were executed by the guillotine .

That time,

The Christian Priests were subjected to palankeen-procession

So the Buddist-Monks

had to burn themselves

To show to the whole world

the meaning of dictatorship !

In the end,

Diem and Nhu, his young brother

were killed in a coup d état !

What can we say ?

“The horses were changed in the middle of the stream” !

A betrayal by dirty hands

of the USA Ally !


On Feb 21 , 1972

Nixon and Kissinger came to Peking

He warmly shook the bloody hand of Mao Tse Tung

The Chinese Communist Chairman Dictator,

Who killed his comrades by public denouncement !

By young red guards, false legend heroes

in Cultural Revolution !

And killed over 50 million

naïve farmers by starvation !

At that time

For opening the potential large Chinese Market

To build up the future profits

for the finance big bosses of  Wallstreet ?

Was the Nixon hand also bloody contaminated ?

To the year 1974, on 19 January

When the Chinese Navy attacked the South Vietnam Navy

For the purpose of occupying the Paracel Islands.

The USA Navy had turned its face

to the other direction,

turning the blind eyes of a foxy gambler !

That was really

ignoring the fate of an ally !

Please make a requiem for

Captain Nguy Van Tha

and Vice Captain Nguyen Thanh Tri

and 51 Navy Sailors

of  South Vietnam Navy

They died in honor

sunk with the battleship

in the historical Battle of Paracel Islands ,


When Nixon pressed Nguyen Van Thieu

President of the second Republic of Vietnam

To sign the Paris Peace Accord,

Nixon only hoped to bring back the USA pilots

Who were kept inside Ha Noi Hilton !

And when he put his step to the helicopter

Took off away from the garden of the White House

On a trip of resignation

As the big ancient tree was cut down

By the judiciary axe

of the Watergate Scandal

He forgot all of his “Vietnamization” policy

and his promises to poor President Thieu :

“I repeat my personal  assurances to you,

 “that the United States will react very strongly

and rapidly

to any violation of the agreement.”



In the Vietnam War

Uncle Sam played a game

With the value of USD 25 Billion

That was yearly Military-Expenses and Military Aid

From 1966  to 1970.

In 1970 and 1971

The gambling came down

to USD 12 Billion per year

And now, The year 1975

Uncle Sam was short of capital

He dared not bet again

President Gerald Ford’s April 23 speech

at Tulane University in New Orleans,

He said :

“the Vietnam War is finished

as far as America is concerned.

 “Today, Americans can regain the sense of pride

that existed before Vietnam.

But it cannot be achieved by re-fighting a war.”

To him, Vietnam war was already

Game over !

On the other side,

The USA Congress

Cut down the budget of the Military Aid

For South Vietnam

It was only

USD 700 Million

Oh ! How pitiful for South Vietnam !

He was sitting there to gamble

With some very very tiny false coins

So in the end,

He himself dissolved and ran away

Game over followed pitifully at his heels !


But then we come to this act :

Before the end of war in Vietnam

From Mar 10 to Apr 30, 1975

Fifty one days and nights

South Vietnam Army lost Second Army Corps

On the 7th road of withdrawal

From Cheo Reo, Cung Son, to Tuy Hoa

The 2nd Army Corp was seriously attacked

disintegrated , collapsed .

Thousands and thousands of citizens followed that troop

killed by mortars , by canons, by grenades

By M16 , AK47 rifles

Even on the surface of that rough road

Uncountable children

who were learning

how to take their first step

in this suffering life ,

lost their family

violently sobbed by the roadsides

or in the middle of the dark tropical forest

The same situation with the 1st Army Corp

In Quang Trị, Hue, Da Nang,

Opened the bloody escape way,

to find a small place on the army ship

by shooting each other !

Those were the last deaths

Before we could embrace the bird of peace !


But that was not the end of the tearful tragedy

That was only the beginning

of  the new terrible tragedy

for the Indochinese People

When the American Army,

who play the role of the Global Cop,  left here ,

Nearly 1 million of South Vietnam Army Officers

And the administrative high officers

of the puppet government

would lose jobs

and be concentrated

into a lot of re-education camps

for hard labor !

A lot of people died in such prison-camps !

A lot of people

Became the boat men

To find freedom

on the top of Pacific Ocean’s waves

And so, a lot of people

Sank down into the dark deep sea !

In Kampuchea,

With the help of Chinese Advisors

Polpot’s army immediately attacked to Vietnam

They invaded Vietnam, along the common border,

killed a lot of Vietnamese-citizens inside our villages !

To uninstall their knifes

that were close by the belly of our nation-body

How many Vietnamese Martyr’s deaths in that war ?!

Polpot set up the new agrarian socialist utopia

For his country

Immediately after the fall of Phnom Penh,

Khmer Rouge began to implement

their concept of  “Year Zero

They ordered the complete evacuation of Phnom Penh

and all other recently captured major towns and cities.

They started the “Death March”

Hundreds of thousands of  poor pitiful people,

were taken out in shackles

to dig their own mass graves.

Then the Khmer Rouge soldiers

buried them alive.

A lot of people were executed

Modern research has located 20,000 mass graves

on the “Killing Fields”

from the Khmer Rouge era

all over Cambodia.

A U.N. investigation reported 2–3 million dead,

while UNICEF estimated

3 million had been killed.

The combined effects of executions,

strenuous working conditions,

malnutrition, starvation,

over-work or disease

with poor medical care

caused the deaths

of approximately 25 percent

of the Cambodian population.

That came from the absence

Of the International Cop !

Oh You, The World – Cop

As same as the figures of the cops

Always hold tighly the blackjack in their hands

standing on the rear footboard

of the Police Patrol Autos

for their rush work

in Charlie Chaplin movies !

Did you, the cop have time

To take a look back ?

Yes, behind your back

when you start your step to leave the scene

that time will show the space empty of power

surely it will  have a lot of  dead bodies

and a lot of bloodshed-chaos !

on the rough road to real Peace !


On the road you just start your step to leave the scene

That time were full of dead bodies

and a lot of  bloodshed-chaos !


After the Vietnam War

Uncle Sam recognized that most of his weapons

Would not suitable for the future wars

So he have already started to improve

and develop a lot of new modern army weapons

such as : UAV MQ-9 Reaper,

Boeing AH-64 Apache attack helicopter,

DARPA’s self-guided smart bullets

M109A6 Paladin Self Propelled Howitzer

M1A2 Abrams Battle Tank,

A BGM-109 Tomahawk , Long-range,

all-weather, Subsoniccruise missile.

Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit, Stealth Bomber,

an American heavy penetration strategic bomber,

Panavia Tornado GR4, multirole combat aircraft

with Storm Shadow  air-launched cruise missile

40 mm Small Arms Grenade Munitions (SAGM)

M2HB machine gun

Ya , all the above very modern weapons

Have been used in Middle East !

as the special gifts to the Reaper

for his terrible dancing

with the noisy song of death !



So on , at the same time

China set up the political leadership goals

“ Four Modernizations”

Modernization of Agriculture, Industry,

National Defense, Science and Technology.

Step by step , they grew up under the sky

of  North Asia.

And now, they declared to all of the world

Their “Chinese Dream”

They had already started to occupy

Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands

Which belonged to Vietnam

from a thousand years ago

They brutally violated the Vietnamese Sovereignty

with their Navy Gun-Ships !

And they drew the U-shaped nine-dash line.

Which In Vietnam we called “cow’s tongue line” ,

Aggressive declaration that they were their Islands !

Robbery ! Invasion ! Expansionism !



Let’s look back the other act

Middle East

From Oct 7, 2001 to now

Fifteen years for the war in Afghanistan

Taliban and the caves

on the high mountain Tora Bora

Bill Laden was killed

But how many lives of that land

And also from your country

were lost by weapons of  both sides ?

Taliban have been still there

They still hide somewhere in Kandahar,

in Helmand , Oruzgan, and Patika

They already destroyed

the 2 huge ancient statues of Buddha

by high explosive  in Bamiyan,

explosion mixed with their shouting “Allah Akbar”

And they still force the young ladies

to wear” Burga” at all times in public

and can not go to school

Until 8 year old

What did the Global Cop do and get there ?

From Oct 7, 2001 to October 1, 2015

in the Afghanistan war

there have been 3,486 coalition deaths

and there have been 2,356 U.S. military deaths

Afghan security forces: 21,950 killed

Northern Alliance: 200 killed

Coalition Wounded: 22,773

(United States: 19,950, United Kingdom: 2,188, Canada: 635)

Contractors: Dead: 1,582 Wounded: 15,000

Taliban and other forces :  25,000 -40,500 killed

Civilians killed: 26,270

Those are the glacial number on your reports

To describe your suffering

When George Bush condemned Saddam Hussein

For producing and storing  chemical weapons .

Bush started his own war in Iraq on Mar 19, 2003

without the consensus of his allies and the United Nations!

USA Air Force dropped the “Shock and Awe”

bombing campaign on Baghdad .

We can read in “Iraq Body Count” dossier

released by Oxford Research Group:

approximately 6,616 civilian deaths

to the actions of U.S.-led forces

during the “invasion phase”,

including the shock-and-awe

bombing campaign on Baghdad. !

For nearly 9 years in that Middle East country

How many bombs and rockets

were dropped down on Baghdad ?

Alibaba and 1,001 dreamy legend nights were killed

By your ammunition !

And in the end

Following his capture on 13 December 2003,

the trial of Saddam took place

under the Iraqi Interim Government.

On 5 November 2006,

Saddam was convicted of charges

related to the 1982 killing of 148 Iraqi Shi’ites,

and was sentenced to death by hanging.

None chemical weapons of mass destruction

could be found there !

His execution was carried out

on 30 December 2006.

On the peak of war,

In Iraq, USA had 170,000 soldiers,

500 army bases .

And you had already spend USD 1 trillion

For fighting there

But Al Qaeda in Iraq still survived

and already has grown up,

sloughed its skin into ISIS

Violence still be on that red sand

Suicide bombs still continuously explode somewhere

Iraq blood still continuously bleeds

And one time more

The Global Cop

Who always hold tightly the blackjack in his hand

Can not or dare not to stay

He had to run away

Behind him was the empty power space

ready to welcome the bloody chaos

of the Arab Spring !


Arab Spring

or Middle East & North Africa Bloody Hot Summer ?

The spring without blossom of flowers

and pigeons !

but the hot running fires and chaos

Absolute Destruction !

Broken, dissolved Societies !

Spark ignition came from

the self – burning tragedy

of the fruity street-vendor  Mohamed Bouazizi

on Dec 18, 2010 !

From that day

to the day I am writing this poem

1981 days passed

The people’s uprising

From Tunisia  spread to Algeria,

Egyp, Yemen,Jordan, Mauritania,

Saudi Arabia, Oman,

Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Libya

and Morocco .

How many lives have already passed  away ?

How many naïve souls

of 1,001 nights legendary dreamy land

Suddenly, painfully went to the thin air

Without your care ?

Oh ! Uncle Sam !, the global cop

Please take the time

To play out your destiny

and your spirit

Please in your own imagination

play a role of a Vietnamese mother

daily lonely sobbing,

and in the dark calm nights

despairingly waiting for her 11 children

Every of them

went out of her thatched cottage

and never came back

because all of them

one after another

were killed in the war !

Please imagine

a North Vietnamese handicapped Veteran

who came back to his poor farming family

married and had two children

both of them contaminated with Agent Orange

Dioxin Toxicity

Victims of “Ranch Hand” Campaign

Please enter into his daily suffering

as it has been continuously born.

Please , Uncle Sam , the Global Cop

Don’t run away !

try on the role

of the South Vietnamese Handicapped Veteran

after the war , when you already left here,

he with one leg remaining

became a street lottery-ticket vendor

a dusty , sunny , windy, rainy life

with daily profit around  USD 3

one year around USD 1,200

compare with average USA GDP per capita : USD 51,248.21

Oh , Uncle Sam, the Global Cop

Please take the role of a Kampuchea Citizen

He who one time lived in Pnongpenh,

then was evacuated

with cheap trifles

inside his small threadbare grey bag

He started his own trip

with his family-members

to an infinite horizon

and behind that horizon

may be the hard labor camp

or one of the “Killing Fields”

to wait for him and his family.

At that place,

his wife could meet serious starvation,

and pass away by overwork.

His son could die of disease

And he, himself

could be killed by a rusty hoe !


Oh , Uncle Sam, the Global Cop

Now we change to the role of the Middle East Refugee

Please imagine that you were a Syrian Kurdish man,

Your nation is Syria

which was deeply sunk down in smoke and fire

of a 5 year civil war,

Uprising and the Government Force

both sides were very balanced !

and none of the houses are intact!

Army Tanks shot directly to every window

Syria now is a heap

of  broken bricks and concrete

Over 250,000 people were killed

Inside the above number,

Can you count

How many people were killed

by your UAV MQ-9 Reaper Predator ?

You, the Syrian Kurdish Male Refugee

Your wife died young

in the shipwreck

under the cold waves

of the  Mediterranean Ocean

And your 3 year-old son’s body

washed up on the Turkish beach

Oh ! how terrible sadness for this scene !



Dear Sir,

In your society

“In God We Trust”

But to the Ammunition Producers

Surely they always like to live

on this poor Globe

With happiness easily lives

They always like to have

Billion USD in their own secret bank-account

and embrace some long legged film star on board

their (should be millions of dollars ) luxury cruiser

To them, the weapons producers and suppliers

“In Gun We Trust”

for their target-searching

“In Gold We Trust”


Dear Sir, the Top Representative Uncle Sam

We could not use our strong Army Force

To defeat the will of the other nation

We could not impose our thinking,

on the other people’s thought

We could not compel the other people

to follow our own ideas.

That ‘s the real value of Freedom

We respect our children, the youth, the next generation !

Don’t push them to follow anyone, any religions,

Any ideal or any ideology

Let them freely choose their own beliefs

Don’t throw them into the water for baptism

When they are too young to understand !

Every continent has its own culture and life-style

We couldn’t attack or change

the other’s tradition cultural-life

please understand that

their beliefs were built up

on the base of thousand year-legends

Yes , We can not convert their beliefs

into our own’s

even ours are more modern than theirs !


We can not choose our father and mother

And even the place

For ourselves existence on this world !

So if you were born in the Middle East

And if you were the Jew,

From the habit of the ancient World,

May be you could have chosen to worship the gilded bull,

Which was named Elohim, Jehovah or God

If you were a Greece

You might have worshiped Gaea , Zeus , Appolo, Aphrodite

If you were a Roman

You might have believed in Jupiter and Juno

And respected to Aristocrate,  Platon,  Archimede

If you were a Viking

You might have ducked your head before God Óðinn

and Freyja, Goddess of love !

or bent your knees to Thor

son of Óðinn, God of thunder and battle.

If you were a Hindu  Indian

You might have burnt the oil lamp in the temple

Of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva

Or put on the yellow monk’s frock

Been a follower of Buddha

If you was born in Asia

You might have learnt about Confucius , Laotzi or Mentzi

Or if you was born in Tay Ninh small city

A south-west province of Vietnam,

near the border of Vietnam-Cambodia

You might have been a believer of the Caodaism

which worships one eye of the God.

And if you was born in Hoa Hao village

You might have become

a long haired follower

Of that Hoa Hao local Religion

But the true terrible crazy story is

both of those small religions,

in Vietnam, my poor country, my mother land

They had a time

To have their own army !

That were really the past bloody days

of  the Religion-Heads’s dreams

Who always want to occupy power

and build up their own religious kingdoms !

over the crazy stupid minds of their believers !


From the Feudalism – era till now

Many many missionary-troops

A lot of  Religion-Priests

With their crazy concrete heads

still try to convert someone to their own religion.

They don’t know this very clear truth

The Muslims in the Middle East,

They worship only Allah

strictly follow monotheism

And they believe the Quran

was verbally revealed by God

to Muhammad Prophet through the angel Gabriel

Now the rising up of  ISIS in the Middle East

That means Mujahideens stood up for Jihad

That was the revenge for the invasions

of the Christian Holy Wars

Which were a lot of knights and swords of the Inquisition

marched out from Europe

Ardently , Foolishly to go conquering

Jesusalem some centuries ago.

He who used the sword will be killed by sword !

It has a more clearly meaning :

He who used the straight sword of the Roman Christian Knight

Will be killed by the bench Arabian Muslim sword

That’s the evident truth forever


Dear Uncle Sam ,

Dear Mr. Barack Obama

President of USA

And Dear The Future USA President-Successors,

When The USA Ex-Presidents

implemented their self-isolation policy

That means they had the serious fails to put a restraint

on the increment and expansion

of the Chinese Dragon !

It will be seriously affected to your next generations

in searching for Peace !


So Uncle Sam !, if you think your enemies

are really the dirty sinful robbers

are guilty ambitious expansionists,

-We have to destroy the small cell of cancer

Instead of we will be suffered with its big malignant tumor-

Please slap their faces with your UAV Predator

Please destroy all of the artificial constructions

Such as runways, army bunkers, radar systems

on Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands.

Please strongly re-open the military campaigns

for Freedom of Navigation

on the Pacific Ocean .

For the sake of building Peace on this tearful world !

Please fiercely attack them by all of your forces !

This is the true ethic challenge from our conscience

If any President of USA doing like this

Either  Barack Obama or Donald Trump

He will be the true Justice-Hero of this Free World !



Oh ! all of you , my friends

Don’t play the role of the Global Policeman

Who always hold tightly the blackjack in his hand

but at the halfway point, running away

That’s not effective ! funny nonsense !

With this case, In Vietnam we have a proverb :

“ Chọc cứt không nên lổ”

It means :

“Be careful when you use the stick

to poke the hole full of the washy shit” !


Please remember this

when you start your step to leave the scene,

behind you will have the space empty of power

and time surely will have a lot of dead bodies

and a lot of bloodshed-chaos !

on the rough road to real Peace !


Your new friend,

A Vietnamese Poet



(From 7:00 AM  May 19,2016

To 12:44 AM May 22, 2016)

To remember Mr.Obama’s visiting-trip to Vietnam

from May 23rd  to May 25th – 2016 .


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    Bàn tay song chỉ đạo tràng
    Lát vàng thảm đỏ lên trang báo Mao Đài
    Bích Câu Kỳ Ngộ trúc mai nông thôn thiếu nữ trổ tài đại Size khoa
    Dại nghe vẹm cộng bố già
    Cả tin vua điểu Ô Ba Ma Hoa Kỳ
    Việt Nam tựa đóa Trà My năm châu bốn biền bánh mỳ Ai Cập ăn

    Số lượt thích

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